North Bay Village Florida Condos

North Bay Village 33141 Cielo on the Bay1003 Condo 4 4,1 3,724$ 550A10448840 $2,048,000
North Bay Village 33141 Blue Bay Condo 3 2,1 1,771$ 294A10318903 $520,000
North Bay Village 33141 The Lexi condo1005 Condo 3 2,0 1,735$ 289A10396739 $500,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium1007 Condo 3 2,0 1,735$ 2A10467320 $2,950
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium105 Condo 3 2,0 1,336$ 397A10092497 $530,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium109 Condo 3 2,0 1,336$ 397A10406021 $530,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium1112 Condo 3 2,0 1,552$ 310A1698840 $480,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium1205 Condo 3 2,0 1,735$ 2A10440731 $2,950
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium1208 Condo 3 3,0 1,358$ 3A10481446 $4,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium1605 Condo 3 3,1 3,040$ 2A10386661 $4,500
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium202 Condo 3 2,0 1,336$ 408A10133720 $545,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium203 Condo 3 2,0 1,336$ 4A10436225 $5,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium206 Condo 3 2,0 1,336$ 431A10450205 $575,000
North Bay Village 33141 Carribean Towers2H Condo 3 2,0 1,302$ 269A10420882 $349,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium2L Condo 3 2,0 1,258$ 2A10440122 $2,100
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium305 Condo 3 2,0 1,336$ 416A10260354 $555,000
North Bay Village 33141 The Lexi condo601 Condo 3 2,1 1,753$ 319A10335410 $559,000
North Bay Village 33141 Blue Bay603 Condo 3 2,1 1,771$ 226A1636294 $399,000
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium605 Condo 3 2,0 1,735$ 2A10456850 $2,900
North Bay Village 33141 360 Condominium611 Condo 3 2,0 1,552$ 278A10453702 $430,000

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Information about North Bay Village Florida, Florida

North Bay Village, condos Florida

North Bay Village, Florida has always been a great area for many people to get away to the great sunny weather. Many people from out of state love to visit this particular area, after they've simply had enough of the snow and cold.


Since around 1945 this particular sunny area has been attracting all types of visitors and celebrities as well. Some celebrities that used to frequent the hot spots in North Bay Village were Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. The restaurants and nightclubs in this great area is what always draws people in.


Though this area was once under water in Biscayne Bay, it was simply brought up and turned into a hot spot in the 40s. When it was brought up from the water, it become a new neighborhood and many people were beginning to purchase homes and real estate in North Bay Village. There are two islands that have become a part of North Bay Village years after it was established. One of the islands was even the headquarters of an old television station. There is a great culture located within this area of Florida and the real estate is very nice as well.


Some residents of North Bay Village are people who simply used to live in the cold weather from New York or Nebraska, they have found a whole new life in this area. Though there are a lot of residents from out of state there are as many that were born in Florida as well. As the area grew over the years, more people found out about and simply wanted to see what it was like. They visited and never left, inevitably made it their new home.


With all the traffic as of late, North Bay Village has become a hot spot again. The restaurants and retail areas within this community are very popular. The single family homes, apartments and condominiums also drive people to stay. The views and the fact that you're never too far from the city also make people want to live here as well.

The condominiums are all surrounded by waters and great views of all your surroundings. With all the amenities and stunning views, you may think this area is out of your price range. That is simply not the case there are some very affordable priced condominiums and homes located in this area.

There are great complexes in this area with very affordable condominiums, if you ever thought about what it would be like to own a waterfront property now is your chance to simply find out. North Bay Village is a great place to purchase real estate at, great restaurants, great shopping and stunning oceanfront views. The condominiums and homes are very luxurious and have extensive amenities. Visit North Bay Village, Florida one time and you may never want to leave.

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Porsche Design Tower Sunny Isles Beach Address: 18555 Collins AvenueSunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 Bird's Eye View Prices: $4,000,000 to $15,000,000Maintanence: TBD Estimated delivery: 2016 Floors: 57Total apartments: 132 Sizes: 3,800 - 9,500 sq.ft.Bedrooms: 3 - 5 Architect: Porsche Design GroupDeveloper: Gil Dezer

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